The present situation and development direction of printing machine

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The cold of clothing machinery industry makes the industry enter the industrial adjustment, and clothing machinery enterprises have begun to seek a way out from their own. For the printing machine, in order to get better development, it is necessary to update the products, use new technology, improve product quality and so on.

Textile printing essentially refers to local color technology, which can be divided into fabric printing and garment (including garment) printing. Since the 1980s, textile printing products have been updated rapidly, especially with the rise of local clothing printing market, resulting in the decline of the total amount of traditional cloth (silk). China is a market with multiple structures of state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises, joint ventures, private enterprises, collectives and individuals. What we need is diversified printing technology and different printing machines.

The general situation of printing equipment can be summarized as follows: the roller printing machine is declining (from 1934 to now), it was gradually replaced by flat screen and rotary screen printing machines in the 1980s to 1990s, and some corduroy factories are still using it; screen printing, especially flat screen and rotary screen printing machines, is popular, and the demand is increasing; digital ink jet printing has a bright future.

Today's printing machine, automation, intelligent is the future direction of development. In the past two years, an oval automatic printing machine has appeared in the market. With its unique structure and wide adaptability, this printing machine is challenging the traditional circular printing machine. Tysl series oval automatic printing machine developed by Jiangsu Rugao Tianyuan garment printing Co., Ltd. is one of the best. Tysl elliptical printing machine, which has applied for national patent, is driven by high-precision servo motor and designed with unique floating independent positioning device, so that the positioning accuracy has reached or even exceeded the level of imported brand machine and can be maintained for a long time without adjustment. The key parts of tysl oval printing machine are made of high strength alloy structural materials and imported parts. The main parts of the control system are imported from Japan, which makes the machine have strong reliability and stability. Tysl ellipse printing machine has the function of self diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Stork also launched two new roller printing machines, Pegasus and rd8. Pegasus has open or closed bearings, and each printing position uses a separate stepper motor to ensure the high control, accuracy and reliability of the operation process. Rd8 roller printing machine is developed on the basis of RD4 rotary screen printing machine. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of products. It can easily and quickly change the design or color. It is easy to operate and has strong reproducibility.

China and the world's clothing printing market is pregnant with an upgrade of automatic printing equipment manufacturing industry. However, enterprises should grasp this opportunity, use science and technology, innovate and develop, and develop new and modern clothing machinery.


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