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Jinjiang Baida Machinery Co., Ltd. / Hengshun Machinery Manufacturing Co., specialized in screen printing equipment ofthe research,production and sale of one of the famous enterprises Enterprises rely on its own advantages and domesticresearch centers to establish a broad,long-term relationship of cooperation,with a streamlined,professional design and production of high-tech printing equipment scientific research,while importing foreigh advancedtechnology,Similar Products International learned the essence of the production and development of all types of advanced equipment shirts.

Hengshun enterprises of“survival stems from the quality,develop credibility stems from the”philosophy of a high starting point,high-quality research,innovative enterprise development strategies and similar products in the competition in a leading position.

Positioning the company tomarket the concept to guide production to provide users with quality products,quality service purposes,the application of advanced scientific enterprise management,improve the quality system to quality products and services to satisfy users adn breaking new ground Innovation,performance of the company over the years to maintain a steady increase each year,according to customer service purposes constantly improving communication with customers.Best-selling products all over the country and enterprises to a wide sales network,the user is responsible for providing technical support,In the domestic market to a higher degree of visibility and credibility,while actively including overseas markets,has participated in the organization of fairs,some products sold far awayin Southeast Asia,are very popular among overseas counterparts and well received by users



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